Tuesday, 17 May 2011

15% off compatible inkjet cartridges and toners at Choice Stationery Supplies

Get 15% off compatible ink cartridges and toners today at Choice Stationery Supplies.

Simply enter voucher code SAVE15 at the checkout and receive a 15% discount on all Think branded compatible inkjet cartridges and toners for your printer.

Choice Stationery Supplies sells Think inkjet and toner cartridges for most leading printers including Epson, Canon, Brother, Kodak and Lexmark to name just a few.

Visit www.choicestationery.co.uk for more details and to save 15% today.

Offer ends midnight Monday 23rd May 2011.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

PIck and Mix Inkjet Cartridges at Choice Stationery Supplies

A new way to buy printer ink cartridges is to Pick 'n' Mix.  At Choice Stationery Supplies you can now create the multipack of inkjet cartridges for your printer depending on what you actually need.

If you use more black than colour you can now select more black than colour.

An example is for the Epson stylus D92 printer.  We currenlty have a pick and mix pack of 16 cartridges and you can choose exactly how the pack is made up.  Have 6 black, 2 cyan, 6 Magenta and 2 yellow if you like or have 15 black and 1 yellow if thats all you need.  Plus for a limited time we are offering an extra inkjet for free in all packs.

Pick 'n' Mix packs are available for most inkjet printers including Epson, Canon and Brother.  We now also have a pack for the Hewlett Packard 363 range.

Packs start from just £6.99

Use our quick and easy 123 cartridge finder to locate supplies for your inkjet printer today - Click here