Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Choice Stationery Adds products for the Wii and IPOD

Today Choice Stationery Supplies has added over 250 new products for the Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP, Xbox and IPOD.

Until Monday we are offering a further 10% off and free delivery on all these new products - visit for more details.

Here are just a couple of the new products added:

Wii FunChuk - Red
The Logic3 FunChuk is here to add some fun and colour to your Nintendo Wii gameplay. Available in 6 different colours, these FunChuks connect to the Wii Remote and you are ready to play. Whilst small in size each Funchuk features Z & C buttons and an 8-Way analog thumbstick. Compatible with all games that require a Nunchuk, they also feature accelerometers for motion based gameplay and are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in either hand.
Available in 6 different colours - Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / White / Black
8 way analog thumbstick, Z & C buttons
Ergonomically designed
Connects to Wii remote
Compatible with all Wii Games requiring a Nunchuk

Yoga Mat for Wii Balance Board

The Logic3 Yoga Mat for Wii improves balance and co-ordination, enabling greater stability when adopting any number of yoga poses, the mat features a non slip surface that is ideal for fast paced exercises. The extra thick 5mm mat will also provide cushioning on a hard floor and helps you define your space when you are using Wii Fit or during any other training activity. It also provides traction for your hands and feet preventing you from slipping thus enhancing your safety while doing a yoga pose. You need to use a yoga mat in all yoga poses, especially when you have to lie down on the floor. It is much more comfortable to do the yoga poses over a soft mat surface than over a cold, hard floor & once finished you can simply roll up the mat for easy transportation and storage.

• Mat Length: 172cm• Mat Width: 62cm• Mat Thickness:

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